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Software Development - Embedded Systems - Linux


HSa data works with software development for embedded systems. The systems can be Linux based or smaller platforms without operating system.

In addition to the embedded systems HSa data also develops test and help programs, which usually are needed when doing embedded development. These programs can be Windows programs or Android apps.

HSa data primarily do consult work. The work can be done in the customer's office, together with the customer's personnel, or in HSa data's office.

HSa data has competence in C, C++, C#, Java, Android, Linux and testing of embedded systems.


Please contact HSa data if you need help with embedded development. HSa data is located in Jönköping Science Park, buildning C level 4.

For GDPR-related questions, use the e-mail address below and write GDPR in the subject field.

HSa data AB
Gjuterigatan 9

Phone: +46 (0)760 - 25 80 99